The Who, What and Why of MailBeez!

In 2003, the talented chap behind what is now Mailbeez, built an international e-commerce site for a consumer electronics customer. During development, when the issue of post-sale email marketing first reared its head (the issue being, no system can do it well, if at all), he searched for a simple solution that would allow a store to send out automatic emails to their customers, like new product alerts, product review requests, Birthday reminders, and well, a whole lot more. Finally, this talented chap, frustrated by a fruitless search, gained the knowledge to approach the problem himself and began to develop a framework for building module based email campaigns – Mailbeez was born!

Motivated by early results and feedback from partner retailers, serious development began on Mailbeez, which has now emerged as a key 3rd party email eco-system for small to mid size online stores in need of an intelligent, fully automated template based post-sale email marketing system, run from within their existing store admin area.

Compatible from inception with systems as varied as OsCommerce, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded, xtCommerce and other osCommerce based systems like OSMax or DigiStore Ecommerce, nevertheless, Mailbeez will be ported to additional popular e-commerce platforms in the near future.

MailBeez is a product of MailBeez ApS, registered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cord Focke

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