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Recommended Tools

FTP Clients

For systems hosted by third party service providers, to install MailBeez, you need to have FTP access to transfer the new files to the server hosting your online shopping-cart. The easiest way to accomplish this is with an FTP Client. There are many available, but some recommended ones include:

  1. Transmit - OS X - The de facto FTP/SFTP client on OS X. Easy to use, fast, folder-syncing and pretty much anything else you could ask for.
  2. FileZilla - OS X/Windows/Linux - Probably the best option for Windows and Linux users. Free and very powerful (but very ugly on the Mac!).
  3. Cyberduck - OS X/Windows - A decent free option for both OS X and Windows users. Not as full featured as the others.
  4. ForkLift - OS X - A solid alternative to Transmit, and slightly cheaper to boot.

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